Amateur Fighters

Joshua Ramirez

-Amateur Record: 5-1, 2 KO, 1 Submission
-#1 Ranked Amateur Lightweight in Louisiana
-Empire FC Lightweight Champion
-Bayou FC Lightweight Champion

Lucas "Sniper" Seibert

-Amateur Record: 5-0 2 KO's, 1 Submission
-Scholar All American at West Virginia University
-247 Fighting Championships newcomer of the year (2022)
-#1 Ranked Amateur Bantamweight in PA
-#1 Ranked Amateur Flyweight in PA
-247 Fighting Championships  Amateur Featherweight Champion (2023)
-New Line Cagefighting Amateur Bantamweight Champion (2023)

Miguel "Deku" Francisco

-Amateur Record: 4-3 3 Submissions, 1 Knockout
-#14 Ranked Amateur Featherweight in the Northeast
-#8 Ranked Amateur Bantamweight in Pennsylvania
-#7 Ranked Amateur Featherweight in Pennsylvania
-Active member of the United States Army
-247 Fighting Championships Amateur Fighter of the Year (2022)

Tim Bailey

-Amateur Record 3-2, 1 submission
-#21 ranked amateur bantamweight in Pennsylvania
-#23 ranked amateur bantamweight in Ohio
-#29 ranked amateur featherweight in Ohio
-Wrestled in college at Clarion University